The Alliance of Professional Associations for Community-Based Therapy Services (APACTS) exists to promote and profile the benefits of therapy services to the home and community sector.  It is comprised of representatives from the five Professional Therapy Services Associations whose members provide community-based services.  These services include Dietetics, Occupational Therapy, Physiotherapy, Social Work and Speech-Language Pathology.  


Members of the Associations represented by APACTS continue to adapt to the changing healthcare environment through utilization of practices supported by evidence and research.   With the enhanced emphasis being placed on a population and outcome-based approach to service provision, and the need for increased accountability to ensure the most effective use of scarce healthcare resources, APACTS and its member Associations are well positioned to collaborate on the development of alternate service delivery models.


The goal of the five therapy associations that comprise APACTS is to enhance client/patient outcomes through effective use of therapy services in community-based care. 




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